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Saryo van lakerveld Pottenbakkerstraat 2
2645 KT Delfgauw

The Netherlands
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Dancing is a universal language that we all speak. From the beginning of time people have come together to dance for several reasons. Nowadays the need for a conscious way of movement and care for our bodies has only grown. In dance we search for a way to express, channel and transform the things we face and are confronted with in our lives .

Dance brightens, gives insight, makes you calmer and directs the energy and your thoughts towards your body. After each dance, you increasingly experience yourself in your heart, and you can feel the energy of life flow through your body. This opening creates a stronger connection with yourself and your surroundings. By dancing you learn to experience your physical boundaries and liberties and how to connect them with your inner emotional self.

The five rhythms and Open Floor Movement are both holistic forms of movement that have the intention to align consciousness in body, mind and soul.


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